As a professional dancer and yoga instructor, I’ve come to thoroughly understand the pillars of broader wellness — I want to share these findings with you through private, one-on-one wellness training sessions. I want to help you eat clean and exercise without the overwhelm of a massive lifestyle change or drained bank account. My goal is to help you heal, reboot and rewire.

I work remotely via video & phone calls with clients around the world. We begin with a 15 min complimentary session to meet and chat about desires and goals. It is important to know if we are a good fit for one another before we dive in! 

Together we will build a personalized strategy that fits you and your life. 

What we tackle: 

  • Food (what you're eating, when you're eating, how you feel about it)

  • Exercise (where you're doing too much, where you're doing too little)

  • Rest (do you?)

  • Self Care (don't fool yourself - we all need it)

How I support: 

  • Custom food plan

  • Custom exercise plan

  • Self care plan

  • Personalized yoga videos developed and filmed by Sayer

  • Accountability - consistent support in integrating these simple practices into your day to day life